Mine Development

ARC believes the key to any project is the safe and fast development of the mine. Achieving access to the ore body in the quickest timeframe possible can considerably lower the costs of the project and start delivering a positive return to investors.

ARC uses the most productive drill rigs and haulage equipment along with our most important asset in our experienced workforce to carry out any mine development safely and on time. ARC works closely with all clients to establish a mine plan with correct forward planning which is the key to fast tracking any mine development.

Level development and production

Australian Resources Contracting has the experience to know that choosing the correct ore extraction method is vital to ensure smooth and constant ore delivery to the mill and where projects can maximise or lose profits. This all begins with the correct planning and development of the ore level.

Australian Resources Contracting believes that minimising waste and decreasing dilution is the fundamental key in correct ore development. ARC has invested in the correct sized equipment and has the knowledge and experience to ensure clients are able to obtain their desired targets.

Air leg Mining

Australian Resources Contracting is the leading specialist contractor in this field with unmatched safety, expertise and performance.

ARC has extensive expertise in the method of safe Air leg mining and believes Airleg mining can be carried out safely through following our procedures learnt from over years of experience of handheld raising, all forms of Airleg stoping and intermediate driving and sub-levelling.

This expertise allows ARC’s clients to SAFELY mine narrow vein ore bodies and can turn an uneconomical resource into a profitable ore body to mine.